3G GPS Smart Watch


Smart watch designed for kids with real-time GPS tracking allows you to keep track of your loved ones via the Online Portal and mobile App. Emergency SOS and Two way communication means you're always close by.
Whats included: NO SIM, App, Online Portal, Local Support.

  • GPS Watch
    No SIM

    $229.00 $389.40 Free Delivery
  • GPS Watch
    No SIM

    $229.00 $389.40
    + Free Shipping
7 Day Local Support
1 Year Warranty
FREE Delivery (Aus)
30 Day Guarantee

Key Features

Kids GPS smart watch is one of the most advanced trackers in our range, see features below to discover why.


What's in the box?

We engineer each unit in Melbourne so it is ready for use - out of the box!

3G GPS Smart Watch
USB Charging cable

Unit Specifications

  • Range

    Unlimited (no range limitations)
    SIM not included

  • Water resistant

    IP65 Standard

  • Technology

    3G + GPS + WiFi + LBS multi-mode positioning

  • Dimensions & Weight

    • 4.1 x 5.3 x 1.5 cm

    • 40g

  • Battery Life

    • 6-36 hours
      Regular use

    • 2-4 Days


Android: Android 4.0 +

Apple IOS: Apple iOS 7 +

Online Web Portal

Download the NEW app



You will need to purchase and manage your own SIM. For optimal coverage, connect to a 3G network that uses 900/2100MHz frequencies.

Choose a pre-paid or post-paid SIM that includes Voice Calls, SMS and approximately 90MB data per month from either Vodafone or Optus.

How long does the battery last?

Our Smart GPS watch has a 600mAH rechargeable battery which will get you 1-2 days normal use and up to 5 days on standby mode.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

Our Smart GPS watch will take between 2-3 hours to fully recharge.

Watch data security?

Our primary and core security mechanism is to limit data stored online, instead we store sensitive information encrypted (256bit ) on the the watch. Whilst data is in transit we are allied with Amazon Web Services (Sydney) who offer the gold standard in IOT security.

Can I use it internationally?

Yes you can however you will need to ensure that your SIM has compatible global roaming in to country you are visiting. Please contact LiveChat or support@nuttag.com.au for assistance in getting ready for your travels.

What are the on-going costs?

There are no contracts, or subscriptions for the GPS watch. Note you will need to manage your own SIM.

What is GPS?

GPS is used for real-time or live tracking, see location activity and manage your GPS features via the easy to use Mobile App and Web Portal.

How accurate is the location?

Our GPS Smart Watch technology can be accurate within 2-5m. It uses 3G + GPS + WiFi + LBS multi-mode positioning

What is a Geo-fence?

A Geo-Fence or Safety Zone is a pre-defined perimeter around a location which you can draw on the map. A virtual fence. If your GPS exits or enters this area, a notification will be sent to the App & Web Portal.

How are notifications delivered?

You will receive push notifications via the App & Web Portal. You can also purchase SMS credit to receive SMS alerts.

Why does it need a SIM card?

The GPS unit will send its reporting information data via the 3G network to the cloud. The unit also has SMS and two way communication ability.

What is included in the subscription?

For the watch there is no subscription.

Do I pay extra for SMS?

Yes, this is not included in your plan, alerts (eg. low battery, geo-fence, falls, SOS etc.) can be sent via SMS to your desired number at 22 cents per message for local and 75 cents per SMS for international *in addition to the subscription plan.

Global Roaming

Recommended Services – 850MHz (Telstra) – For use in Americas 900MHz (Vodafone) – For use in Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa Please contact support to confirm coverage.