• Never lose your
    valuables again!

    Track your every day items using the app.

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  • Never lose your
    valuables again!

    Track your every day items using the app.

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FREE Delivery (AUS)

European Chip

Replicable Battery

7 Day Local Support

Ring your items

Use your app to ring your things when they are close but out of sight. 90dB Loudness

Find your phone

Use your NutTag to make your phone ring,
even if it's on silent!Press button twice

Last known location

Your app will record the last time and location you had your item. Get directions to navigate right back to the spot.Google maps

Never leave it behind!

Smart separation alerts will notify you before
you leave your items or phone behind.Designed for your:

  • BikeiPad
  • PetsSchool baga
  • TravelKids toys

What else can it do?

The all-in-one tracking device to protect your every-day items. New features updated monthly*

We are super proud of our trackers, see news feed to learn more about why we are leading the pack.

A global lost & found community

with millions of users to help you find lost items


Is your stuff on the run? The Lost & Found Network will help you locate your items anywhere in the world. When another NutTag user comes within range of your lost item, you will be instantly notified of it's new location.

This feature is completely private and discrete, so only you will know that your item is lost.

High transit zones like airports, shopping centres and schools are the most common places to lose your items, they are also the easiest places to find them again due to the high volume of traffic and active users.

Having a NutTag on your valuables gives you 100% more chance of finding them.

You'll find it! In style

NutTag Pro

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NutTag Find 3 Pro key tracker

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Nothing is lost! Most vibrant

NutTag Find 3

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Awesome custom solutions

create buzz with promotional items that work.

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  • 1 Yr Warranty (Aus & NZ)
Notice to Australian Purchasers: Product specifications are engineered and optimised for our Aus & NZ market. The Lost & Found feature is designed for Aus & NZ network.
Genuine Product Warranties and returns apply to goods purchased through NutTag direct only. NutTag AU is the only source for Nut Technology products.

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